Photographer Peter McKinnon On YouTube - 3.8M Subscribers

Photographer Peter McKinnon On YouTube - 3.8M Subscribers

The image above is the current header on Peter McKinnon’s YouTube Channel.

With 3.8 Million subscribers on his YouTube Channel as of this post, there are definitely a few people that know about Photographer Peter McKinnon. But for me, I was a little late to the game and just discovered his Channel in 2019.

It doesn’t matter what brand of camera you shoot with, but for the record Peter is a Canon shooter and that’s how I managed to find his YouTube Channel.

I like his style and obviously a few million other people do as well. Below is an example of Peter’s approach as he talks about the Canon EOS R which was released in late 2018. The video below is at about 1.1 Million views as of this post.

Although my title has YouTube in it, you may want to check out Peter’s Instagram with 1.9 Million followers as of this post.

You may love Peter’s style or it may not be for you, but I think we can all learn something from someone with millions of followers on Social media.

Find someone who inspires you and stay inspired by seeing what they are up to. Even with millions of followers, I’m sure Peter McKinnon has been inspired by others in the past and is likely still inspired by others now.