My love of photography began as a teen in the early 1980’s. A lot of my skills as a teen came from shooting rolls and rolls of film and having to wait days to see if I had anything worth using. Fast forward over 35 years with hundreds of corporate clients including several in the Fortune 500 and you’ll quickly discover that my passion is in the commercial photography market place. You’ll hear the passion in my voice from our first conversation and experience my love for commercial photography until the completion of your project.

I prefer to have a person in front of the camera. However, I realize that the advertising photography market is about the product. So whether the product is an outfit that can be worn, a product that can be held or a product that can be enjoyed another way like a motorcycle for example, I am here to deliver for my client whether it’s with or without a person in the scene.

Commercial photography can be almost any image that is meant for commercial use. For example, beyond advertising and lifestyle photography, many clients have needs as simple as a professional headshot for a press release. There are other commercial photography needs like editorial work for magazines or a company’s annual report.

If you don’t want to read the next several paragraphs, let’s start a conversation about what your commercial use image needs are and explore whether my style and pricing are right for what you need. Here’s the link to the contact page or if you are on your cell phone just click the phone number to call.

Less Than 400 Words And It’s A Wrap…
I truly love working with people which is why lifestyle photography and studio photography of people will remain in the mix of my commercial photography. I love making people feel great in front of the camera and having them fall in love with the images that I am creating. To get a reaction on set before the post editing process of “I love it” or “Wow” from both my client and the subject are what drives me to continue doing what I love.

Commercial photography really isn’t a job for me. It’s truly embedded in me as part of who I am. Yes, I am a husband and a father, but commercial photography is a key part of my life. Just ask my wife Brenda who edits the majority of my photography.

Creating commercial use still images, including advertising and lifestyle photography, is what drives me to continue to push myself to the next level and to deliver professional results for my clients. It’s not uncommon for me to be up daily between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. working. You’ll also find that I communicate well no matter how busy I am.

As you would imagine in the commercial photography market, my images have been used in both print media and online media. So I am familiar with the high resolution needs of print. Beyond billboard size, one of my images was used on a 4 story banner displayed in China.

Whether you need one commercial use image or ten plus images, I’m here to help you with what you need in the commercial photography market. However, I am not a jack of all trades when it comes to commercial photography and will let you know if it’s not something that is a fit for me. Even if I had 500 images posted on this website, there may still be something that I have done or can help with that you don’t see.

Although the type of photography, quality of photography and the end result of the image or images is likely the #1 factor when working with a photographer, I hope that you agree the experience from start to finish plays a key role as well.

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