Glyn Dewis - Photographer, Educator, Author - Bought Me Coffee

Glyn Dewis - Photographer, Educator, Author - Bought Me Coffee

The image above is credited to Glynn Dewis and part of his home guard series. To learn more visit

I first learned about Glyn Dewis from an interview he did with Kelby Training ( Now Kelby One) back in 2012 or early 2013. It was titled “The Business Side of Glyn Dewis.”

I pulled up Twitter and pinged Glyn after watching the interview. Much to my surprise, Glyn responded to my tweet within an hour or so and we’ve been staying in touch for years now.

Glyn has a great YouTube Channel that my wife who edits my photography really loves. Brenda has referred to Glyn’s videos on several occasions to assist her with editing needs. We also own some of Glyn’s paid programs.

Although Glyn is based in the UK, he regularly teaches at Photoshop World in the US. In April 2017, Glyn was teaching in Orlando and I decided to fly into Orlando for a meeting in Cocoa Beach while Glyn was a little closer to my East Coast Raleigh location.

Glyn bought me a Starbucks Coffee in Orlando and I had time to hang out with Glyn and his mate Dave Clayton for about 30 minutes. It was awesome to finally meet Glyn after getting to know him through Social Media. He was as cordial and friendly as he appears online.

So What’s My Point?

No matter whether you are just starting out or already well established, you never know what something as simple as a Tweet, other Social Media, an email or even face-to-face can lead to.

It’s completely true that not everyone will reply to you in an hour or so. However, find someone who inspires you and even if they don’t reply, you can still get a lot out of what they are up to through their website and/or social channels. Stay inspired and don’t get upset because you don’t get a reply.

Be sure to tap into your local market by finding a mentor, someone to collaborate with or someone who you can buy a Starbucks Coffee for.