Who Inspires You? Photographer Gregory Heisler - 50 Portraits

Who Inspires You? Photographer Gregory Heisler - 50 Portraits

Featured image above of Gregory Heisler from Google Images – Credited to Fstoppers

I believe that it was back in the 1980’s that I first learned about Photographer Gregory Heisler. I really like his work and you can find more of it online by searching: Photographer Gregory Heisler.

I own his book 50 Portraits. Although it is a dry, somewhat technical read, I love the images and his shooting techniques. It’s also helpful to learn about the time and energy that he puts into producing a single image which is often not a simple process.

I think that last part is important because amazing images are not always created with one click without prior planning and post efforts. That’s also likely a key reason that top photographers are not cheap. It’s not just about the 15 minutes the VIP is in front of the camera.

If you enjoy portrait work, I think you should invest in 50 Portraits by Gregory Heisler ( and it’s not an affiliate link ). But if you are not interested in his style after finding some of his images online, you should find someone who inspires you and challenge yourself to be the best photographer that you can be even if you have just one lens and one camera.